Mr. Papishe

My name is Seun Ogunde but you can call me Papishe (pronounced papyshey) where did that come from ? that’s a story for another day.) Remind me later to tell you.
I’ve been putting this a way for a long time, although it seems where ever I go everything seems to point in this direction. I’m not a blogger in any way, so excuse me if you are reading this and it makes you cringe.  I consider myself an artist and photographer in that order ? I think so. But to be perfectly honest I flip them around from time to time.
Its  purpose is to share my ideas on this journey of mine, may be you’ll learn something on the way great if not may be I’ll trigger something on your journey that eventually leads you on your right path wherever that may be.
Its been said that sometimes you have to make yourself vulnerable if you truly want to be genuine about what you do. This doesn’t come naturally but I’ll try.
So welcome and lets go!

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