Art Exhibitions.

So for the last couple of weeks I have been attending a couple of art exhibitions which will be the focus for the next couple of blogs. It’ll affect the rate at which I shoot but you can bet something is always in the pipe line. 1st of would be

October Rain 2017…………
So I attended the October Rain 2017 Art Exhibition on the 28th of October 27 at the Lagos Museum; in dire need of inspiration for my artistic portraits.
To be frank the event could have been better organised  The location i.e. The Lagos Museum needs to be been better maintained. The exhibition was packed and the rooms were small in relation to the number of attendees and even for art works on display. The art work on display however were amazing, I mean they were that good, and expensive in some cases. Prices ranged from say 200,000.00 Naira to over 4 million and some were not for sale (nfs) as expected.  Below are some of my personal favourites .
Which do you like ? Please remember to leave a comment below.

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