Art X Lagos…………

Now this is what you call an exhibition and a half. It took place at the Civic Center at Victoria Island Lagos from the 3rd of November to the 5th of November 2017.  My review I’ll rate it an A why? Everything was just professionally handled. You had 2 floors of all kinds of art from sculptures, to paintings, to video exhibitions, refreshments were available outside if needed and you even had various concerts at night outside the venue in the evening. Oh year don’t forget there was also a  drawing/painting bus outside which was flooded with people exhibiting their artistic talents whether they had one or not. It was just light years ahead of October Rain in terms of organization and execution.
The art work on display were modern compared to those on display at the October Rain 2017 exhibition I attended the week before. However I felt that those on display at the October Rain 2017 exhibition felt more timeless. The art pieces in whatever shape or form felt like a lot more labour of love went into them as compared to those of Art X. Now don’t get me wrong the art on display was amazing at Art X, I was just giving my two cents if forced to compare the two exhibitions. Say you put a gun to my head for a review. Below are my favorite art pieces.
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