It never goes according to plan, does it ?

How do you make portrait or artistic photographs when it never goes according to plan. Initially I used to find it frustrating, you set up a shoot and the model doesn’t turn up even if you have a back up model especially a day before after all arrangements have been made. The truth is we are never in control of everything we just work with what we have. I’ve learnt over the years that it comes with the territory, so depending on what is thrown at us we make do. Below is a sketch for one of my previous shoot and the final image. I think it is important that we allow our plans to morph, who knows where they will lead? Initial concept and final product.
The image it was converted into black and white and with a layer mask the colors were revealed. People ask did I have this image in my head from inception that is did I know I wanted a black & white image. My answer, it depends, in most cases I have several variations of an image and I review them all. I only ever post the ones I personally like in this case however my wife made the final decision. She really is the inspiration behind it.


My tip of the week. If you want to take up photography as a hobby or a passion. Start with your camera phone and take  pictures of what you are passionate about for say 6 months and begin reviewing your images. If you are still passionate after 6 months about photographs, invest in a camera. If you can’t consistently take pictures for 6 months straight  maybe its not for you.
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