Price Less Art Exhibition

So over the weekend I attended Yusuf Durodola’s art exhibition titled “Price Less” at the Lagos Nike Art Gallery, a very prominent art gallery in Lagos Nigeria. If you happen to be in Lagos, Nigeria. I highly recommend that you visit the Nike Art Gallery. It is amazing, so for Yusuf Durodola to be exhibiting his art work you know he must be good.  In my previous blog post, which you can read here. I talked about the importance of visiting art museums especially for inspiration.

As expected, I got inspired on what to do for my next set of photo shoot and art work. Gosh, I love his use of colors in each of his paintings, he also has a thing for children, especially channeling their innocence in the way he captures them, as far as I can tell. Below are my some of my favourites from his art exhibition. If you want to know more about him you can take a look at his Instagram profile, which is @yusufdurodola.

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