3 Realistic Drawing Tips…

Want to improve your digital art? Follow these 3 tips & watch your drawings improve.   

The Mold.

One of the best, yes I said it. One of the best tip I can give you, to improve your digital painting skill is to think of painting like you’re molding clay. Think about it, all too often we think of painting, especially if you are a beginner as coloring on a flat surface. As you get better you start taking into consideration depth, lights & darks, form and so on.  While painting, think of it as molding clay. Having this thought process helps you think of form. This helps shading or painting in general.

Shading limits. 

Push your shading or painting to the limit. This varies from person to person. What I’m trying to say is, as far as you can, based on your skill level. It can be what separates a good work of art from great one. How far has the image been pushed to the limit? I look at my old images & I noticed that some of my old drawings needed to be pushed further. Most of them look incomplete to me now, as opposed  to back them, although I believe I somewhat knew at the time that something was missing & didn’t know what, let alone how to fix the problem. I think in retrospect this was all part of the growth process. 

The flip. 

If you are drawing digitally always flip you image horizontally on a regular basis. I found out that it helps to juggle your vision after working on an image for hours. This is because over time one gets used to “seeing” the image in a particular way. It never ceases to surprise me when I flip an image the amount of adjustments I need to make to improve the drawing. Of course if you’re drawing in a traditional medium you don’t have this luxury.  

Hope these tips will help someone out there, just dedicate yourself to constant progress & development & I’m sure you’ll get better.  

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