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3 Realistic Drawing Tips…

Want to improve your digital art? Follow these 3 tips & watch your drawings improve.   

The Mold.

One of the best, yes I said it. One of the best tip I can give you, to improve your digital painting skill is to think of painting like you’re molding clay. Think about it, all too often we think of painting, especially if you are a beginner as coloring on a flat surface. As you get better you start taking into consideration depth, lights & darks, form and so on.  While painting, think of it as molding clay. Having this thought process helps you think of form. This helps shading or painting in general.

Shading limits. 

Push your shading or painting to the limit. This varies from person to person. What I’m trying to say is, as far as you can, based on your skill level. It can be what separates a good work of art from great one. How far has the image been pushed to the limit? I look at my old images & I noticed that some of my old drawings needed to be pushed further. Most of them look incomplete to me now, as opposed  to back them, although I believe I somewhat knew at the time that something was missing & didn’t know what, let alone how to fix the problem. I think in retrospect this was all part of the growth process. 

The flip. 

If you are drawing digitally always flip you image horizontally on a regular basis. I found out that it helps to juggle your vision after working on an image for hours. This is because over time one gets used to “seeing” the image in a particular way. It never ceases to surprise me when I flip an image the amount of adjustments I need to make to improve the drawing. Of course if you’re drawing in a traditional medium you don’t have this luxury.  

Hope these tips will help someone out there, just dedicate yourself to constant progress & development & I’m sure you’ll get better.  

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Studio close….

I’m closing my studio, why? I’m starting a new chapter. It is a bit sad, having to get rid of my studio equipment. The packing up of my stuff was a bit emotional. I remember the fun had & the images created in there. The people, the arguments, the collaboration, the jokes, you name it. But all good things must come to an end.  

A new chapter begins; I want to try shooting on the move. See how that pans out. I’m dreading the experience, I won’t lie. I’m used to having my own space & being in control of things. Now I guess I’ll be left to the elements.  

I however see it as an adventure, not being too predictable; at least I’ll have a varied background every time I shoot. It’s a bit sad though seeing my studio empty, it feels weird. But that’s life I guess, it is what happens when you’re busy making plans.  I mean Covid did a number on us, that’s one of the reasons why I have been focusing more on drawings lately.  I have to say it has gotten better though, over the last couple of months. I hope our fans liked them, I know not everyone will but what can I say, variety is the spice of life.  

I’d like to use this opportunity to ask our fans and implore them to please bear with us during this transition period. We’ll continue to produce more photographs & art, although it may not be as frequent as it used to be. Until we eventually settle down.

If there is love.

You will push yourself and not know it. You will just because it is something you enjoy, the tedious part of your work/vocation won’t matter because “the ends justifies the means”. 

Time will fly by & you’ll not know it, because you’re so into what you’re doing. There will be one more thing you want to try, there’ll be many experiments you need its results.

Ask yourself is there love, maybe there isn’t and you just never asked yourself that question or you are in denial. A lot of us do what we do for the money, which is ok, especially if circumstances require you do so. But please do something you love in addition. I’ve said this in many previous blog posts. Do something for you every day no matter how little. You need it for so many reasons. For you sanity, to have something to look forward to, to get better, do what you love. To have a sense of fulfilment even if it is not monetary and to show love to yourself. Love begets love. Love what you do to show love to yourself. 

Short story I always loved drawing, was told at a young age that is wasn’t going to be financially beneficial to me or my family. So I went to school, got a first & second degree, but my love for art never left even though I subdued it for about 15 years. It was always there. 

Eventually I went back, had to start afresh but that was never a problem. Why? because if there is love, you’ll always know your way home. So I went back and here I am. 

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Be Patient

With yourself it takes time. Be ready to put in the hours into your craft. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Take the criticism that come with growth, develop a thick skin, easier said than done. Especially in a world where trolls exist online. It’s funny that these trolls can’t and won’t be able to say these things in front of you, if the circumstances were different.

Be patient with yourself as you discover yourself and grow. It can be difficult in a world express delivery is not fast enough. Trust me I know the feeling. 

Be patient with yourself because you enjoy what you do, even if it is a hobby. Own you mistakes, it’s all part of growth. You’ll look back at some of them & laugh. I’m sure we all have at some point in our lives. 

Be patient with yourself as you push yourself to your limits. Money should not be the focus, easier said than done. In an age where everything is a subscription based service and no amount is ever enough. Your sanity as an artist is also important so how do you balance things. The need for money and the need for fulfillment is ever strong. Tilt too much to one side & you can get in trouble real fast.

Be patient with yourself, eventually you’ll get there.

The Fundamentals…..

What do you want to get good at? coding, photography, art, sports, etc you name it, the best way is to master the fundamentals. Note the word “master”. I believe a lot of people don’t do this, most are adequate not masters. For example you want to be good at art, there is no getting round it, you have to understand & master these core fundamentals:

  • Color
  • Composition 
  • Value
  • Form & Structure
  • Brush work
  • Perspective 
  • Values

The truth of the matter however, is that it can take you years to master each one, let alone how they combine in your work. Just being good at them is not just going to cut it in the long run. You have to dedicate your existence to becoming a master & understand that you’ll never be perfect at any but continually strive to be. From experience I think you’ll have things you’re great at & others you are good enough. My advice focus on your weaknesses.

Focus on the fundamentals, become a master & then you can start to bend & break the rules in whatever you are doing. Your images in drawing for example will work because there is a core basis from which your art is grounded. 

It shouldn’t feel like work though, I think if it feels like work something is off. For all intents & purposes you should enjoy the challenge, the experiments & realizations as you forge ahead. 

Realize however that from time to time you need to go back & relearn the basics. Even if it’s  just a reminder, there is always something good about looking at things from the eyes of a novice.

How can you do this you may ask? become a teacher. You not only help the student but yourself because the act of teaching takes you back to the beginning that you may find difficult to do on your own. Hope this is helpful to someone, don’t take the fundamentals for granted, don’t. 

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Remember art is subjective.

You need to get comfortable with people not liking or connecting with your work. It’s difficult I know, remember you ultimately do it for yourself. At least I do. You do it because it brings you joy to share something you are good at or at least want to be good at. There is something inside you that needs to be shared with the world. 

In an ideal world, everyone likes or appreciate what we do but the reverse is the reality. We need to be comfortable with this, it’s imperative. When we’re not, we alter our work for others appreciation or acknowledgment. I think this is dangerous having done it in the past. Eventually you look at your work and you just don’t like where it ended up. Trust me it’s a place you don’t want to be. In no man’s land, you’re not happy and neither is your audience. A better scenario, they are happy and you aren’t. 

Get comfortable with the fact that some people will not like your work, no matter how hard you try they just won’t. You just can’t please everyone and embarking on that journey is just futile. Focus more on your fans, they are the fuel you need to go further. I’d say that you should ignore the haters but I think they can also help. How? You may ask, well they can keep you grounded and can be a source of constructive criticisms which can also be helpful. You however want to avoid the toxic ones for obvious reasons. Hope this helps.

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2020 Plans….

What is in store for 2020 at Papishe Studios? Honestly I don’t know. Why? Because when it comes to creativity I believe you shouldn’t set boundaries, not for yourself or for others, just create on a consistent basis, which can be difficult. Don’t get me wrong I know what direction I want to take the Studio in general, but in terms of art it remains to be seen, which is ok. I think.

The photography is important but so is the art, we plan on doing more of that this year as opposed to previous years. We will also be doing this differently this year, how? more on that in due course. We also want to improve on the work being produced where possible. Yes, there may be less art works, but quality over quantity any day. 

Finally we would like to use this opportunity to thank our fans, clients & well-wishers all the best this New Year. 

What are your 2020 plans as an artist?

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Don’t be mediocre.

So you’ve been told that your work isn’t good enough. For example, in photography, the light isn’t good; in art, your colours aren’t right or your proportions need work. They may be right, they may have a point, but be careful, it may lead your work down the path of mediocrity.

If you go ahead & tick all the boxes as required by the so called “best practices” you won’t stand out and you’ll just be one of the many. I’m by no means advocating you jettison “best practices”, no not by long shot. But have it at the back of your mind that your work should be yours. It should be for your audience. It should be a combination of the things that inspire you, with a bit of “you” added to it.

A bit of you can be many things. It could be what you’ve discovered while experimenting, it could be you going against the grain. It could be you embarking on what a lot of people shy away from. Whatever that may be, let it be that which puts a smile, a question mark, or that which puts an aha! moment on your face. I think that indicates progress on this never ending journey.

Now don’t get me wrong it doesn’t always work out, but I believe the day you stop doing these things is the day the mundane creeps up in your work.

So while you check some “best practices” boxes while working, have it at the back of your mind that the mundane is your enemy.

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Art X Lagos 2019.

Art X Lagos is an annual West African Art Fair which held from the 1st to the 3rd of November 2019. It was held at the Balmoral Hall of the Federal Palace Hotel in Lagos Nigeria. It is the fourth of its kind. 

Below are some of my favourite art pieces from the exhibition. All images are credited to the relevant artists. For more information please visit their website at

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People and their love.

People tend to take extra care doing what they love, it just shows. If you have two people on the same endeavour, with the same relative skills & experience, you can tell who loves it. It just comes through, it might not be immediately obvious but if you examine closely it shows. There is that extra labour of love in what we like. People that enjoy what they do tend to stick it out longer than those that don’t as well. So ask yourself? Do you really enjoy what you’re doing? If not, will you ever enjoy it?

It may be you don’t like the stage you’re in but the stage is required to get to your favourite part. So stick it out. If not, how fast can you can get out? If you can’t get out for the time being, what can you do to alleviate the situation? It is not all endeavours we dislike we can easily get out of, for example your day job. So what can you do to make it more interesting? It could be something as simple as listening to your favourite music while you work. We know that music can change ones mood. 

If for whatever reason it is hopeless can I recommend setting a part of your day to do what you love, it can be therapeutic in my opinion. It could be done after work. You could take up a personal project that you are passionate about. Overtime you’ll find out that you start to look forward to it and it invariably brightens your day. Thus having a positive impact on your mundane daily routine. So give it a try, what else is there to lose? Hope it helps.

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