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“The teacher learns more than the student.

The author learns more than the reader.

The speaker learns more than the attendee.

The way to learn is by doing.” – James Clear

At some point you have to stop all the training classes and start executing. With the ease of acquiring so many training courses these days, one needs to be careful of just continually learning, acquiring knowledge and not executing. Let’s not forget, the whole purpose of our journey, whatever that may be is to create.

I believe we can get addicted to the feeling of getting better than actually being better. Let me explain. Have you ever gotten obsessed with getting better at something and as result learning itself become the obsession?

It has happen to me, there was a period in which all I did was just acquire more & more online courses and all I did was learn without actually executing what I had learnt. It is very easy these days especially with the constant bombardment of courses wherever you look, be it YouTube, Udemy, SkillShare, etc. and almost impossible to avoid. You’ll need a lot of willpower, be broke at the time or be very clear about your goals to avoid them. This is easier said than done, I mean I know how many impulse purchases I’ve done in the last couple of years.

We have to stop buying all these courses & get good at applying the knowledge or skills we’ve already acquired. I’m sure like me you have tons of courses you’ve acquired over the years but never completed, then you got another one and another one. The courses give the impression that with this particular one all your problems will be solved and you’ll become a master, which rarely ever happens. The only way to become proficient is to do something consistently for a long period of time, thereby acquiring the necessary skills & experience along the way.

We all need to be aware of these continual course/training acquisitions & spend our time instead on executing, completing our uncompleted courses, experimenting with what we learnt, before moving onto the next one. I personally have a rule where I wouldn’t buy a course until I’ve finished & used the newly acquired skill(s) several times before moving on. When I do this the following happens:

  1. It compels me to finish the course I’m already learning from.
  2. Time passes & in a lot of cases the urge to buy that next course dissipates.
  3. I save money by changing my mind or it becomes clear to me that I didn’t really need the course in the first place.

Focus more on experimenting with whatever you’ve learnt because that is where the magic of proficiency happens. For if we don’t, we’ll just keep spending money on what we don’t need, not really moving forward and sadly thinking that we are.

Hope this helps someone out there.

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The Masterclass.

It’s amazing how people think that because they paid for a course/seminar or training, the trainer will spill all their secrets or they’ll become a master. I can relate because I’ve been there. I pay for one and come away thinking I’m now a master, I mean it was called a masterclass. Only to find out that the thinking part that made the work so good was missing from my thought process, and the tutor got so good through years of experience.

I think people should stop calling these classes master classes and call them workshops instead because can you really be a master of anything? But then again some of them just use it as a marketing ploy to get you to buy them. Think about it we all learn & get better till we die.

In some cases, if the trainer thought you their major secret(s) he might as well give you his bank account details & his client list, then be out of business for the sale of his or her course to the public.

I don’t know about you but I feel that they don’t tell you everything which could be intentional or they can’t because their ‘X’ factor is so ingrained in them that they are not aware of what makes them great. I mean they’ve been doing it for a really long time in most cases. I also feel that some of them just can’t share everything with the world, for whatever reason.

Be aware, paying for that really expensive seminar, will not give you what you require on platter of gold. You have a lot of work to do & the learning really starts after the course has elapsed. The best way is to go out there and make mistakes and take the so called “masterclass” as a point in the right direction. Like I always say, it important to push your limits, for that is when you start to achieve that which you value.

Finally I think you need a bit of luck, but you also need to be prepared to seize the opportunity when it arises. Hope this helps someone out there.

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