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Do you need a Graphics Tablet?


People generally ask me if you really need a graphics tablet for post-production in photography or digital art. I’ll be frank, you do. Yes you can get away with not using one initially; say for post-production in Lightroom and even Photoshop. Over time however you will notice its limitations. For digital art in particular you just can’t get very far.
Why? The main reason is precision. You just can’t be precise with a mouse.  They also offer what is called pen pressure which can be particularly useful when you are painting i.e. the harder you press the pen the thicker you lines or vice versa, with a mouse all you get is an even line/stroke when painting. You just can’t do very much when shading with a mouse. Yes a graphics tablet takes a bit of getting used to, especially if you are a traditional artist/painter but the potential is limitless. So get one and start practicing.
If you plan on working in Lightroom exclusively a graphics tablet may not seem as important. I use both Lightroom and Photoshop for my work and I can say that a graphics tablet greatly helps my workflow. Getting used to one may take you a few weeks of consistent practice, depending on how much you practice, but stick with it.
I use a Wacom tablet and it gets the job done, I’ve been using my current one for about 2 years and I don’t feel the need to change it. So depending on the one you purchase, they do last a long time. So get practicing and thank me later.
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At the Omu Resort.

Boy at Omu Resort

Above is picture taken in Lagos Nigeria at the Omu Resort. It was taken about a year ago but I noticed that I just didn’t get to share it with my followers.  The young boy was not aware I was taking it, if he was it wouldn’t have turned out as I would have liked. I think. To get the shot I had to take the following into account:
  • Take many shots, just in case.
  • Shoot in wide angle so I can crop later if I need to.
  • Crop were necessary so that he is the subject of the shot.
  • Take into account my composition.
  • Wait, wait and wait.
  • Enhance my colors until I am satisfied.
Remember these points the next time you shoot! It helps.
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